Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bracelets and More!

Thanks to a new camera (the old one died) we have an exquisite photograph of a gold bracelet now on display on the Turnabout. Is it a bracelet or a mystery in gold?
I have to say perhaps it's the new camera or I don't know what, but pay close attention. I just discovered after you click on a picture and it expands you can click on a particular article in the picture you want a closer look at and it blows up that image too. Try it. How about that?!! Back to the picture: I think this is a bracelet for a lucky little girl but don't quote me. It is lovely. I think I'll keep my new camera!
I've been inclined to look with disdain at the silly table things on the top shelf but they do have a certain, winning look about them--all looking straight ahead and pointing to the left. I love that our great co-chairman, Barbara and Diana, placed them all pointing to the left. Silly? Right! Here you see a winning sense of humor!
Glass is the name of the game here. Look at the delicate pieces in the lower center. The objects on either side are globes: you touch them just so and they spin!
Here is our July Dollar Rack once again. Some of these goodies must be on this rack yet--or---perhaps even better stuff because it's changed daily!

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