Monday, November 15, 2010

Jewelry and Scarves and More Mysteries!

I've been ignoring the long, jewelry counter you see as you first walk in the shop. Shame on me! That is the first place people look! Anyway, I'm forgiven, because here you have a wonderful assortment of earrings and other beautiful goodies and just in time for Christmas. Too early? I know, but I put off Christmas too and then, blast, I realize a dear friend would have just loved those crazy Zebra colored earrings but by then they're gone!
I want to talk about the great things in our antique cupboard but, as we have somewhere in the neighborhood of ten new members (thank you!) and I need to tell them what you all know. Click on each picture once and it expands; then click on what you want to get an even closer look at and it expands again! On to that marvelous cupboard--we are overwhelmed with chains right now. OK, so that's not quite the word, but there are a beautiful bunch just waiting to be spotted. You know, you have that pendant or that pin that you've hung on a chain and it isn't quite right. I'll bet one of these beauties would give it a whole new look. And look at that bracelet watch! That, my friends, is unique!
I'm rather late with these scarves and wonderful hats that look like they're just waiting to be taken to Tahoe, but there are still a lot left! Really, aren't they glorious?
Another view of the same table but this time a mystery object appears--actually--mystery objects and you know how I love mysteries! Demitasse cups (love 'em!) and a clock and a basket full of more mysteries.
Another wonderful Dollar Rack. This rack changes daily. I see a great blue stripped shirt I should have picked up for my husband. I am constantly amazed at the wonders on this rack and all for a dollar!

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