Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Halloween is nearly upon us, and in honor of a holiday beloved by children everywhere, these scary figures are on display. I bet you could collect a whole book full of Halloween stories, some well known, some not so well known. I remember being frightened by a truly ghastly ghost when I was about three. Among the well known examples of scary stories, we have Frankenstein and is that a witch in Puritan dress? Truly strange, but hey, how fun! Oh, is that Dracula standing front and center and a couple, if not three jack-o-lanterns?
This guitar just arrived in the shop. It comes complete with case. It is yet to be on display but I'm told, by the powers to be, that it will show itself soon in one of our sumptuous rooms. It isn't only the lovely rich color but the gentle curved lines that catch the eye. Guitars are truly beautiful and this one competes with the rest! Here are the particulars on it: it's a Kaman (Montana), 3/4 sized classical acoustic guitar with a soft shell case, Model CL240, $85. In excellent condition--case has minor wear.
This cupboard has been ignored lately and I decided it was about time to show it off again. Front and center we have an unusual display of jewelry and two lamp bases which only need light bulbs and shades and as we have a lot of shades hiding away on an upper shelf in the book room, perhaps you could go out with a matching set of lamps absolutely meant for a little one's bedroom! Browse around the shelves and you'll find other things well worth the perusal, like that wonderful glass figure of a zebra!
Sometimes a group of items blend together to make the perfect picture and I think you'd agree this is one of them. Love the angel and the pin decorated with red beads and the bracelet with blue Thingies on it. My God, there must be an actual word "Thingies" because my spelling program didn't throw a fit when I typed it. Hey, I haven't hit the spelling icon yet so it may erupt yet but I like the word so it stays!
A bit more of the Turnabout is on display here--look toward the end of the display of dollar items and one of our shelves is peeking out. Maybe if you click on the picture and then click again on that shelf the items will pop out. As usual, an amazing number of wonderful garments are for sale on the Dollar Rack--all to be had for $1.00!

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