Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Calling All Vintage Hounds!

These clothes are all vintage and these examples are only a few of the beauties on the rack. They're amazing--thought to be from the 50's to the 70's and in amazing shape. I think some of these clothes could be considered timeless--how about these beautiful red stripped shorts? You say this isn't the weather for shorts? Hey, summer is coming!
Another timeless example. A beautiful red pant suit--I don't know if that's the proper name for something so classic and yet so casual. Casual elegance? That sounds like a cliche to me but you get the idea.
I remember having something like this in the fifties. Beautiful. Something I've been holding back--should have confessed before you got this far. These are all small clothes--like size 4. Ouch, you say. I agree. The smallest I ever got was a size 9 and that was for a split second. Maybe you know someone this size? I do--you must! Or, lucky you, you are a size 4!
This beautiful serving dish and plate are on the 1/2 off table, good old fashioned glassware like they made years ago.
Here's a view of that 1/2 off table. Besides that bowl and plate I just showed you there are some other bowls you'd love to have (the green one!) and two large bottles toward the back that I swore were antique but am being told otherwise. Look for them, they're in the back on the left and right. A matched pair!
Still another March Dollar Rack. The garments come and go so fast. Whoosh and they're gone!

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