Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Wearing of the Green Is Coming!

St. Patrick's Day is coming and for those of you who hail from Ireland or wherever (we can stretch that a long ways) here are some special items for those on your list. Isn't this plate beautiful and it wishes you luck besides!
A St. Patrick's Day hat and buttons and two four-leaf clover plates! How 'bout that!
Another view of that plate, plus a sweet bear, a rolly polly pig and a great mug. I don't know where we got all these goodies. Oh--look behind Mr. Bear and in front of Rolly Polly you'll see a marvelous little wooden train.
A true mystery picture and you know how I love mysteries! Those that are knowledgable in the mysteries of reflection could explain how a reflection of that plate upon which this beautiful vase resides is sitting sort of in the middle and yet partially hidden behind it! I couldn't find a bit of green in this vase but I had to have my mystery picture.
A very unusual, truly beautiful hand painted tile. Don't you love it?!! Pretend it's green.
Our St Pat's dollar rack. As usual, scrumptious! Maybe there's a little bit of green for the wearing there somewhere.

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