Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Calling All Fabric Lovers!

I don't promise to know anything about sewing machines but given that, this one looks good to me. When my sons were little I made them Dracula costumes on the sorriest machine you could imagine--one of those monsters that looked and was uncommonly heavy. It did a good job. Can you imagine what this machine can offer?
Just an example of what fabrics are sitting on the table in the middle room waiting to be grabbed and put to stellar use!
There are amazing things here. How about those horses on the topmost shelf or the blue vase--not to forget those wonderful birds. I'm a Midwesterner and I should know what those gorgeous birds are. Perhaps some sort of ducks? My father and brother would blanch with horror. How could I not know exactly what those gorgeous creatures are?
It's about time you had another chance to explore one of our shelves and here's a great example. Enjoy!
Another great dollar rack. I love that white shirt with the gold and there are some other shirts that look good enough my fingers are itching right now. The flowers are nosing around so it's hard to see everything but maybe that black and white baby?

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