Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Chinese Screen! An American Quilting Bee!

Amazing isn't it? Click on it and marvel. It's Chinese, it's beautiful.

A close up of two of those screens. Scenes of a different time when life was gracious, when days didn't revolve around iPads and TRAFFIC. Look deep into these wonderful scenes and let yourself be part of them. All of this beauty is misleading, of course. This was a time of violence too. That lovely little horse was undoubtedly a war horse. What the heck--enjoy!Remove Formatting from selectionRemove Formatting from selection
A batik which can be used in quilting, I'm told. Beautiful and bold.
A batik with butterflies! Don't you just love it!
Quilting blocks! A whole table of them! Dogs of all kinds looking out at you! These fabrics are long and wide--I'm just showing a little bit of them. A quilt for a little girl's or a little boy's bed?
A quilting block with cats!
A quilting block with a city scene. All of these are 25 cents a piece or five for a dollar. Get quilting!

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  1. Hi, I'm seeking information on a print posted on this site in August of 2009. The print is a of a Scarecrow sitting in a tree with a black sky backdrop in what looks like a vineyard in the background. in the Nut Tree area, by a Nut Tree artist. Information regarding the availability of the print, location and contact information for the thrift store, or name of the artist would be deeply appreciated.

    please contact me... I'm Dave at