Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Surprise Pictures For Halloween!

These wonderful pictures--every one of them--are gifts from one of your illustrious shop managers--Melinda Harris.  Thank you Melinda!  The shop, as you can see, is all set up for Halloween.  I was in the shop last Friday and saw this table with its wonderful set of desert plates, or perhaps one would call them salad plates?  Whatever you want to call them is fine because they'll do for either.
I walked through the entire store and must tell you it looks wonderful and full of scary, nasty costumes just right for that cold night coming soon in October.

This picture, taken at an angle I've not tried before but will in the future, shows such an amazing array of wonderful things.  I'm going to try to identify some and then check later to see how close I came which I love to do--I see a wonderful white pitcher with blue flowers; a matching pair of exquisite green cups with matching saucers; a merry go round horse perched on its own stand; a poignant little sheep who may want a home; a set of candlesticks--I own the exact set and love it.  I'll let you do the rest!
What can I say?  A beautiful antique sewing machine that appears to be old enough to operate with a treadle.  This has drawers to store your sewing things.  Truly beautiful.  
Women's clothes and a peek inside our shop just prior to opening tomorrow.  Up close you can spot some tops--a green one, a red one and a deep red one which you may want to try on.  In the back, up high, a ghost who appears to not be happy at what he is reading!  

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