Tuesday, November 19, 2013


An absolutely amazing selection of jewelry--need I say more?  
When I saw this assortment of Christmas goodies, I was overwhelmed.  Truly, you will be too!  I wish my camera were better because this photograph doesn't do it justice!
There are times when having a huge assortment of mugs to choose from is just what you want and here it is.
I think you're going to like this wondrous assortment of things from our front shelves--dolls dwell on the shelf all the way to the back and plates at near center and a lovely deep blue vase just right for a small bouquet poses in the center, a hula hoop of all things and some lovely silver pieces and more!  This calls for clicking big time.
I have to say that this picture, with that lovely railroad track running through the center, took my eye when I worked at the shop last week.  See the little house all the way to the right through the archway?  This is a very old piece and in need of expert help but it is beautiful.

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