Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The Turnabout Thrift Shop lost a dear friend last week. Her name was Kay Davis. Those of us who knew her know how much she cared about the shop. Surely there's a computer and Internet connection in Heaven. This one's for you, Kay. We miss you more than we can say.
I hope this picture comes out because it shows such an interesting variety of things: wine glasses on the top two shelves; odds and ends on the other shelves and just below it just a peak at what looks like something to store wine. Click on it, use the bars along the top and bottom and discover the mystery of the kitchen shelf for yourself.
I love this shelf. Whoever put it together has created an art piece: the mugs at the very top give it a good firm line, the shelf below that shows the mugs in an artistic jumble which absolutely makes you want to shuffle them around. Sorry, you can't do that. The shelf below has what thrift shops are all about--total disorder, but in an orderly way. Now we are truly seeing artistry: you want to pick up those objects--is that a wire thing-a-ma-jig that mixes stuff? Last shelf--ah the beauty of that sea blue something... A colander?
OK maybe you wouldn't put books in with kitchen stuff but both nurture: the kitchen stuff does it for the stomach; the books do it for the soul. Click on it and see whether you can read the titles.

Below we have a beautiful tea set that still sits on the shelf in the Antiques and Doodads Room. I thought of Kay when I saw it. Kay made lifelong friends wherever she went, which was a lot of places: she was born in South Dakota; lived a lot of her life in New Jersey; vacationed in Hawaii and loved it and finally came to El Cerrito and the Turnabout Shop. Gather all those friends of Kay's together and you'd need a tea set this big.

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