Monday, June 29, 2009


We come at last to the Clothing, Dolls, Et Cetera Room. I've always wanted the opportunity to use the word et cetera ever since I saw the movie "The King And I." "Et cetera! Et cetera! Et cetera!" If you don't know what I mean by et cetera. rent the movie but make sure it's the version with Yul Brynner and look for the wonderful scene where he bemoans his confusion with the modern world.

Back to clothes. Clothes. I don't like 'em. If I had my way... Well, we all have to wear them. Sigh. What I really don't like is shopping. Shopping--that ghastly exercise in confusion and sore feet.

Well, right here on this blog I have the answer for thos
e of us who don't like shopping. Look at these pictures, click on them, and Voila! you can do your clothes shopping from the comfort of your chair. Above, for you men, ties that suit every mood and below, jackets and shirts that excite. Excitement--isn't that what it's all about? If you like something you have to go the Turnabout and try it on but at least you've shortened that ghastly exercise.
Below, a wonderful antique girl's dress. Click on it. Who could resist? Isn't it lovely?

Here we come to the et cetera. Dolls and Bears and Curious George and et cetera. Et cetera! Et cetera! Et cetera! Et cetera's pretty good!

Below, for those of us who love beautiful things, a woman's jacket that truly captures a certain Spring day when
everything's right with the world. I love it. I'd buy it but it wouldn't fit me. Actually, I don't know why men shouldn't have a jacket like this. I have always found it sad and strange that the only color a lot of men feel they can allow themselves has to be worn around the neck.

More women's jackets below, some lovely fabrics here--I love the look of the jacket all the way to the right and there's a purple one and a black one with white stripes that looks interesting. Click on it; the jackets just sing to you!

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