Thursday, July 30, 2009

July Treasures At The Turnabout!

Above you see something old and something new----the new that plate and what appears to be a jar smack in the middle. They match! The shelf above contains some interesting things--rather mysterious. I will need to go closer for a further perusal. There's a wonderful little animal on the very top shelf I haven't seen before.

My favorite thing on this set of shelves is English in origin and it holds toast. It brings back fond memories of being in London and staying at a wonderfully funky place called Jenkins. I could see my younger son's face as we climbed the stairs, which circled around as we ascended. He was nine at the time and as we climbed his face dropped. Did I mention the carpet was threadbare and there was no elevator? My husband and I went back there about four years ago and nothing had changed. We were on the eighth floor. My husband had to push me up the last set of steps.

Do you see that wonderful plate all the way to the right on the second shelf? It's part of a set of four, the rest of which resides on the bottom shelf. The set of jars for things like flour and sugar and such is wonderful too.

There's some things--both wonderful and mysterious here: a swan pin; gold earrings which look to be classic in design; a large gold pendant or pin to the right--I'm not sure which. Last, what in the world is that jewelry all the way to the top right? It's fun to see what things are compared to what you think they are. I'll take a guess. Alligators pin?

The bead necklace in the center caught my eye. Beautiful!

The Dollar Rack once again--dressed up a bit: slacks and pajamas perhaps; jeans for sure. I know there's a wonderful beige sweater all the way to the right. Oh, the interesting things to be found in a thrift store. Sometimes really useful things come in the door. Right in the center there is a man's work outfit, really blue and really large. It's so big the bottom trails on the floor!

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