Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Misplaced Set of Keys... The Confusion!

A set of misplaced keys prevented me from taking pictures at the shop this week so I'm featuring pictures I took which I just happened to have on hand from last week. How about that for brilliance? I again want to point out the wonderfulness of this cupboard. All of these items have been appraised. None--repeat NONE of these items are part of our October 1/2 sale but aren't they lovely? Look at that rose colored glass on the bottom shelf; the oblong glass dish on the shelf above it; that wonderful jumble of little cups above that and I do love that large decorated wooden platter on the top shelf.
Don't you love fabrics? Here we have a lovely collection of them among women's jackets. Browse in comfort from your overstuffed chair at home. I'm dying to make my own personal tour. I think you know I like bright--how about that bright green one in the middle countered by the bright blue to the right?
Okay, just to repeat, we are in the middle of our October 1/2 off sale so everything you see here is 1/2 off. How about that? No more are you guys interested in plain--plain used to be the order of the day. A man perked up his wardrobe with ties. Ties! About time. How long did the white shirt reign supreme? Too long. Here you see an interesting assemblage of men's goodies--shirts and jackets, one jacket square in the middle just waiting for the right guy. Maybe it's already been claimed. I wonder whether that red shirt just behind it is really a sweater? I do get frustrated not being able to see what's actually there until I post.
The men definitely have it this time. I scrunched over a little more to the left on the bottom shelf because I became fascinated by all those shirts. Who says men's clothes aren't bright? Here you have bright--bright yellow and bright red and one mostly red shirt that looks like it's heading for Hawaii. Hey, take me along!

Here are men's slacks--one looks like it's dying to join the shirt heading to Hawaii. Like that antique cupboard, men's slacks have been sadly neglected. No more.

This is the same Dollar Rack from last week. Hey, no problem! I've had it on the best authority that this same rack is on display this week with some items added to it. All these items are still all to be had for $1.00. Sorry. No 1/2 off here!

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