Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October Backwards!

The Dollar Rack disliked being in first position so much it deleted itself first time around. I soon convinced it to show itself again. It again has a host of good things!

I am really backwards, Guys, but once you have the pictures loaded forget about changing them around. They're most stubborn. Trot into the kitchen room and you'll see this cupboard all the way to the front. I love that tray on the second from the bottom shelf. I've been eyeing it, actually. You're lucky it's still there.
Another artistic pleasure to enjoy. Look at those mugs on the top shelf and that dark frying pan perched so invitingly, second shelf from the bottom. I do like this shelf when it's in its artistic mood!
Come in from the kitchen room and you'll find this cupboard, all the way to the front. The October sale has cleared some things but some new things beckon!
I'm calling this the Pheasant Cupboard, in honor of the guy on the top shelf. He looks like a Pheasant. If he looks like a Pheasant, hey he's a Pheasant!
I have not featured this cupboard often, not knowing what to do with Pig who sits at the top and looks disdainfully at my efforts to include him and not leave anything off my picture. That is impossible so this shelf does not get the attention it deserves. Some if not all of these items are appraised, so expect to pay more for them.

I promise I won't go at this exercise backwards again. I hope I didn't make anyone dizzy.

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