Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ice Cream Cones From Another World? What?!!

Really, what are these yummy concoctions? Yarn? Hey guys, I know nothing about yarn. Pretty stuff, though right? I'm kidding--I truly am. I haven't had my hands around a strand of yarn in ages but I know yarn when I see it and this rust colored stuff is gorgeous! I used to crochet; once started a small (very small) throw with different colored yarns. I'm afraid it wasted away in our closet and that was the end of my crocheting.
What you can't tell here is the textures of these yarns. I know the rust colored one above is probably somewhat rough to the touch. Am I right? Still, it can't be or you wouldn't want it near you! I am now exposing my true ignorance around the subject of yarns. I believe this white yarn to be soft--just what you want close to your face. Truly yummy! What someone named Carol has to do with yarn I have no idea but there , toward the back of the picture, are cans? I don't know--something with the name "Carol" on them. The green things sticking up in the back? Knitting needles! That I know! Don't embarrass me now and tell me I'm wrong.
Another great hunk of yarn inside a great wooden box which has barely shown its face before now. This is a great--an almost certainly antique box--meant to hold sewing supplies, but it could be used for storing yarns, too.
I believe these yarns are meant to be used in weaving. If I ever get back to having some sort of yarn in my hand again it would be with one of these gorgeous yarns as I love the idea of weaving a rug.
Here is our August Dollar Rack which changes daily. Gorgeous boy's sweater to the left: I've been told there are some great back to school clothes on sale here--all for the unbelievable price of one dollar!

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