Saturday, September 11, 2010

Silk Purse Or Sows Ear?

You know this is a Silk Purse, right? I'm wishing I had picked them up when I took this picture. Anyway, here they are. Click on them once, then twice to get the full effect. Confused? Try it. Click one time and everything gets bigger; click a second time and what you've clicked on gets bigger yet. Amazing? Right!
Another Silk Purse. When are we getting to the Sows Ear? Who knows?!! I love that pendant in the center and those necklaces on either side aren't bad either. Plus--you know how I love mysteries. What's that peaking out at the upper right? I guess a compact. And at the middle left? I haven't a clue. A tray? Maybe--but I see what looks like a cup of very hot coffee there. No place for a hot cup of coffee. All right, so I have an imagination.
Sows Ear? Well, I don't know as a number of these mugs have a special message on them and if you're into mugs with special messages you're going to want one of them. There's also a couple of mystery gadgets here on the mug bottom shelf--one that looks like one of two things: a very lethal looking fork which could inflict major damage or something incredibly useful when you're trying to spear something big and tough on the stove. You don't cook anything that comes out tough? Lucky you.
Another possible Sows Ear? Well, I don't know as some of us just love tea shirts with messages on them and we have got quite a collection. I have one which my husband stripped off of a buddy after a very energetic tennis game which says: "It's Never Too Early For Wine." It was my birthday and he had forgotten.
A Sows Ear? No Way! As you'll remember, I was working at the shop one day when twelve great items on this rack walked out within a half hours time. This is our Dollar Rack and as full of great goodies as usual!

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