Tuesday, July 8, 2014


These pictures are the gift of our camera person--Dave Mandel.  Thank you Dave!
This is truly a gem.  A rare, 1917-1919 Kodak No. 2A Autographic folding Brownie with original Box, works, uses 116 film.  This amazing, antique camera is $70.  Hey, I didn't know there was such a word as "Autographic".  I love it that this baby folds!  Even spell-check doesn't recognize it.  Means it's OLD.
This is a 1950's Heiland Research Syncronite Reflex Twin Flash with 11 new Westinghouse bulbs, all for $12!
This beautiful camera is a 1979-82 Nikon EM SLR camera with a E series 50 MM 1-1.8 lens.  It includes a manual, a Kalimar UV filter and is $30, which includes 7 rolls of 24 exposure 200 ASA color film.  The rolls alone are what?  Come-on, camera people?  I'm guessing at least $2 a roll?  I am going to look this up!
Another gorgeous mechanical creature--a 1940's GE Exposure meter Model BDW58Y1, and it works well! Oh, and it also has it's original case--how about that!
I have to admit that--without Dave Mandel's description--I wouldn't have had a  blessed idea what this was!  Ahem--it is a Konica X-24 Auto-Flash with it's original case (beautiful!) and carton (whoever owned this flash took good care of it!).  All for $12!
I just love looking at this lens.  There's something about one of these babies that just stirs the heart.  Beautiful, isn't it?  It is a Tokina ELZ840 80mm-200mm F-4 manual zoom lens with a bayonet-mount with it's original carton (and--that thing that protects it in the carton is included?  Amazing.  Anything in our household with it's original carton is dead--long dead because there is no such thing or if there is it's from the spirit world.   Such things are thought to be trash and are relegated to the trash.)  I have to say, I wonder--seriously--whether the same person owned all these cameras or whatever.  Every blessed thing in its own case including a bubble thingie.  To me that mean quality--someone taking good care of what they've got--loving it.  Quality!
A Polaroid!  Wow--I was in my teens and my father bought a Polaroid.  It looked nothing like this but just having one of these seemed a miracle.   Something about the name?  Nah--no original case--my father was worse with saving things--probably where I got the habit. Anyway, this is a Polaroid Sun 660 with a strap (I guess to sling it around your neck?) in it's original carton and with it's own manual!  Wow--amazing!  Battery packs available.  

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