Thursday, July 17, 2014


Have you ever seen such a marvelous assortment of scarves?  You are seeing scarves by Vera, Echo, Andrea Michelle, Burda and others.  For those of you with a sharp eye, what is that hanging toward the back?  An interloper?  A Ha!  Me Thinks it is a handbag of most unusual vintage.  
The shop has a large, highly unusual assortment of fabric right now--for those of you who love to sew.  Handing to the right is a black piece of material with beading sewn into it.  An amazing piece of fabric just waiting to be made into a lovely garment!

A close-up of that fabric.  Isn't it beautiful?

Here you see shelves of fabric available to that person who's fingers are even now, itching to get to her sewing machine!

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