Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wonders Of The Turnabout!

This is a lovely set of Waterford glass--beautiful, isn't it?
Here we have a vintage travel case.  OK, those of you that like something with wheels will stick up your nose at this, granted, but if you have a background in the arts or know someone who does, perhaps they're putting on The Maltese Falcon this weekend and need this for Miss O'Shaughnessy to carry when she goes in to meet Sam Spade?
A glorious, unbelievably beautiful vase that's just crying for a dozen roses.
A set of lamps, vintage, perhaps, and they can go anywhere and there are two of them which makes them twice as good!
These are just a sample of a huge bunch of clothes that came into the shop this week.  I'm particularly taken with that pink jacket.  Isn't it lovely?

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